Fragmentos by Patricia Baez

Walking through the exhibition “Fragmentos by Patricia Baez” – curated by Museo Fernando García Ponce-Macay at the Pasaje de la Revolución near the cathedral in Merida, Mexico. On display until June 2019

Exhibition that gathers 25 pieces in tempered architectural glass. The technical challenge of the works not only lies in the delicacy and fragility of the support material, but in the precise handling of the different techniques that are combined in each one: painting, enamel, engraving, handling of oxidizing acids; as well as knowing how to highlight the qualities of the material and integrate them into the concept of each piece: refraction, transparency, reflection.

Focus Merida

Patricia Baez makes danger her home, where uncertainty gives way to the intuited, restrained form of renewed symbolization: lizards, suns, stars, rungs, butterflies, scales that open other directions, worlds, meanings. It is a personal wisdom that she owns. Her mysticism is, in silence, pure solitude in dialogue. 

About Patricia Baez

(Chihuahua, Chih.) Throughout her artistic career she has developed the domain of glass, her sculptures-paintings have been exhibited in Mexico and the United States, bringing the colors and roots of our country. 

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